boy playing air guitar and dancing


Children often will be able to tell you exactly what cool musical instrument they want to learn to play.  The boy who constantly plays screamin’ air

guitar when he hears rock on TV.   The little girl who sings in the mirror holding a hair brush up to her mouth every day in her room.  The kid who

constantly drums on everything in the house.  The child who is drawn over to the piano in every home or public place your family visits. These kids

wouldn’t have a problem knowing where their passion lies.

boy playing air guitar and dancing

It is helpful if you can take your aspiring musician to a live performance

Sometimes, children need some assistance in finding their musical instrument.  It is helpful if you can take your

aspiring musician to a live performance or perhaps your child will go on a field trip or listen to a performance at a

school assembly.  There are a great number of musical instruments to review.


Parents might consider taking a trip to a couple of music stores.

Go to one store that sells all of the traditional band/orchestra instruments and one store that sells a great

selection of electronic instruments such as basses, guitars, keyboards and drum sets.  There is frequently a

salesperson on site or instructor who can demonstrate some of the instruments for your child.

Check out the school music program with your child’s teacher at school.


Be careful, if you are a musician yourself not to push or promote your instrument to your child

Be careful, if you are a musician, not to promote your instrument to your child.  Sometimes teaching your child at home does not always work.

It’s great to be passionate about music yourself, but your child needs to find his special place in music, that sweet spot that is special for him.


Desire and motivation are the important factors in determining success

Some music teachers and authorities believe that you can administer special surveys or tests to find the best instrument for your child.  I happen to

believe that the right instrument is already inside of them.  One teacher had his class take out a piece of paper and pencil.  He had them close their

eyes,  write the very first instrument that comes into their mind down on the paper.  He had them write  second and third choice further down on the

paper.  The first choice is the instrument they should play.  Some teachers look at physical factors like lips, teeth, physical size of the student, but

desire and motivation are the important factors in determining success.  Generally, barring very few instances, most of the time any

student is physically and mentally capable of playing any musical instrument he or she chooses.  It is sometimes possible a student will start on one

instrument and then branch out volunteering to learn and play another (school owned) instrument closely related, filling out a particular sound

that is needed in his ensemble.





violin, viola,cello, bass

piano, guitar


flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, english horn


trumpet, trombone, tuba, french horn


snare drum, bass drum, tympani, mallet instruments, small bells, triangles cymbals.



Woodwinds – flute, piccolo, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, alto clarinet, bass clarinet

alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones

Brass – trumpet, cornet, french horn, baritone horn, trombone and tuba.

Percussion – snare, bass, drums, tympani, chimes, mallet instruments similar to orchestra.


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