Glad you are here!  I have always loved music.  I started singing when I was three years old.  Friends and family were all delighted by my regular “set list”  which included childhood songs like “This Old Man”, “Little Cottage in the Woods” and the popular commercial jingles and TV themes of the day.  Music was a huge part of family life and our photo (3)day-to-day activities.  Later, I added playing the flute and the piano, then many other instruments.

I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Music Education and have taught music in the public schools and also teach private students.  I have over 20 years of experience creating, teaching, singing, playing and performing music in many different settings.

This website is devoted to the enjoyment, learning and creation of music.  I hope that it will, over time, become a place to gain knowledge, helpful tips, product reviews, new ideas, inspiration and ways of enjoying and connecting our musical experiences with our families and communities.

WIN_20140903_134924Enhancing your  involvement or interest in music with some seemingly small, insignificant things or details, can add up to make a great contribution to your passion, your creation, or your big performance.  Take a look around. Take a few minutes to browse, read and add comments if you like.


Enjoy….. Some small ideas, small things music to assist you in creating the bigger picture–your music!




6 Comments on “About Me”

  1. Hi Janette it is me Tinnakon I am happy to find you here. I have a son who has learnt and played classical guitar solo since he was eight years old and still carry on until today. He is now thirteen years old and had participated in concert and competition. This was all inspired by me for I had learnt to play with this instrument at the early teen day. Good thing is that I can help aid in mentoring him from my experience. Today he study with Thai concert guitarist and I hope that he will not give up. Your information is so positive and, adding to this I want most parent to see your website and encourage their kid to go for musical instrument they love. http://www.screencast.com/t/jFt0PPt2D

    1. Thank-you for the page review. Tinnakon, Its a very good thing you have your son interested in playing guitar. The benefits that he will have throughout his life, particularly when he becomes an older adult, are very helpful and are lasting.

      Thanks for taking time out to visit my site!


  2. Hi Janette, We are a very musical family and one day I plan to learn to sing, it all stems back from my ex-hubby who played the saxophone as a professional in bands.

    1. Hello Sharon,
      You probably heard many singers right? If you inquire in the area where you live, you might find a singing class, which would be more affordable than private instruction to start. Private lessons can get expensive rather fast, but you will make the quickest progress. Don’t put it off. Start to inquire around where you are.
      Wishing you all the best! 🙂

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