Singing-A Whole Body Experience

How many times have we watched a reality competition television show like “America’s Greatest Talent”, or “American Idol” and the singer has a great singing performance?  Back stage is the interview, the singer says something like” I have wanted to sing my whole life”or “this means everything to me” then gets emotional and tears start streaming down the singer’s face.

It can be the beautiful melody, heartfelt lyrics, the response of the audience


Sometimes it can be the beautiful melody, or the heartfelt lyrics, that may cause singers to feel emotional. It can be their own thoughts about achievement, or realizing a dream.  It can be the response of the audience in an especially receptive applause.  Any one of those things can cause us as onlookers to say “oh no….that singer is going to start crying”.   Oh no…..here it comes.

Singing causes musical vibrations that change the body

Singing incorporates breathing, the vibrating vocal chords in the larynx, and the resonators such as the mouth, throat, nose and sinuses.  As the singer breathes and sings, air moves through the trachea and not only vibrates the vocal chords, but causes musical vibrations that change the body physically and emotionally.  During singing the body releases  endorphins, which are natural pain and stress fighters that are defined as endogenous opioid neuropeptides.  These are produced by the Central Nervous System (CNS) and are responsible for a variety of effects. Some of these effects, besides the two already mentioned are reduced appetite, release of sex hormones, and increased immunity.

It is a sound all your own, never to be duplicated

The vocal sound is individual, one of a kind, unique and is never like playing another musical instrument like a clarinet, trumpet or flute.  It is a sound  all your own.  Your voice can be focused, and powerful or light and very expressive.  Your voice can be dark, and  dramatic in a way that may shake up an entire room.  It can be light, playful and full of small expressive nuances. Try as you may to emulate another of your favorite singers, but your sound will always sound like you.  Singing can be powerful enough to get the attention of and move an entire audience of people in surprising ways. Singing gives the singer the opportunity to develop a personal sound and a method of self-expression like no other musical experience.

An Intoxicating Charge

Singing in a group can give an extra added bonus in the music called harmony!  Harmony can be the most transformative, uplifting, enlivening experience especially when the music is enhanced in other ways using elements of style.  The individual singers feel an affect and  the entire room full of people whether they are singing or listening are moved.  Singers who are singing in a group need not have the most beautiful God-given individual sound. Singing by unleashing the sound to be mixed into the overall ensemble sound, can result in a pleasing, rewarding and sometimes quite powerful experience. It is an opportunity shared by all, culminating in a calming, positively charged atmosphere!  The next time you watch television and you see your all time favorite famous singer release the tear ducts, you have a very good insight into what this singing stuff is all about.



4 Comments on “Singing-A Whole Body Experience”

    1. Hello Chuck,

      Glad you like it! We will be making improvements, additions and changes going forward.
      Let me know If you would like to do a blog, post, vid or photo on your band.


  1. Hi Janette,
    Thanks for your interesting information. I think everybody likes to sing (or croaking,lol). It comes naturally as it actually relaxes the body.
    I guess it can be one of a health therapy. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Norleila,

      Thanks for coming by. One of the first things I learned in studying voice, was what I thought was a relaxed body and mind, was not really even close. It took me a few weeks to understand how relaxed I could be and needed to be. The voice made steady progress as I found relaxation in specific areas of my body. It is a great way to connect mind/body, therapeutic and fun!

      Blessings always,

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